Justin Schuchat

Justin started his life adventure in Los Angeles. His hometown of Hawthorne was near several airports & aerospace industries plus The Space Race was in full swing. To our young explorer, everything seemed alive with possibility. When he wasn’t on the local playground slide, made from a real first-stage rocket, or listening to air traffic control radio with his Father at The Proud Bird of LAX fame (his Dad was a military and civilian pilot), Justin was usually at the beach, digging up sand crabs, or sneaking into his neighbors’ yards to pick oranges and play with their cats.

In the early 70’s, Justin’s parents moved from sunny California to Dallas. The pace was different and that left him seeking excitement. Justin joined the Scouts for a while, where he enjoyed camping, canoeing and just being outside. Later, snow & water skiing became favorite activities. But something was still missing. Eventually he realized it was aviation. According to his Mom, being airborne was practically written into his DNA. The chance to fly and travel the world was his calling. While in college, at a small airfield in Denton, TX his dream became reality. He secured his Private Pilot’s Certificate while working on a degree in Fine Arts. His Mom was his first official passenger. His close friend and future wife was the second one. They flew all over Texas together, day-dreaming about the places they might one-day go exploring.

Justin began working his way up the ranks, learned about aviation mechanics & aircraft restoration from older mentors and friends, and became a Flight Instructor. In the late 80’s, his Mom received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Swaziland. His family approved when he decided to drop out of university for a year to go live there with his mother and sister. Africa was a breeding ground for adventure. He spent that year going on safari, camping in the wilds, and flying small bush planes. He was fortunate to get to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and made the summit on his 21st birthday.

Back in Texas, he completed his college education, moved back to Dallas and began flying for an Aircraft Broker, ferrying and inspecting planes from as far away as Honduras, Alaska and Italy, and flew in almost every part of the United States. While that job hit all the marks for adventure & travel, plus needed flight hours, it was impossible to survive on the meager income. So, he jumped out of the proverbial frying pan, into the fire, and began applying for jobs in Commercial Aviation. Not many airlines were hiring at that time, but he was lucky to be offered a position at a regional carrier. He went from Dallas to living in Maine with his new bride, Lara, his long-time school friend and adventure partner. Over the next few years they relocated many times while he flew out of bases in Bangor, Albany, Newark, Cleveland and Houston.

By the late-90s, he was promoted up to the major airline and was based in Cleveland, Newark, then returned to Houston. After 4 years there, his wife begged him to bid to the base on the US Territory of Guam, something he’d wanted to do ever since he went to work for his first airline. They loved their years living on the island and made many dear friends. Necessity eventually required a move back to the mainland. So, Seattle became the new “home base” but Justin bid back (more than once) and continues to work out of the Guam base to this day. His family shares a deep passion for travel, environmental conservation, and exploration by land, air and sea. They love to scuba dive, sail boats, ride motorcycles together, and visit new places. He and his wife will be spending a lot of time on two wheels when he isn’t on The End of All Roads tour, in Seattle or working on Guam.

He and his family feel that Guam will always be home. It was during his latest return bid to Guam that Justin met and became friends with Dan, Brian and Bob. They bonded over their mutual, insatiable curiosity about other cultures & lands, and a strong commitment to discovering and protecting the magnificent beauty of Planet Earth. Plus, they all really love to ride motorcycles.