Dan Bartlett

Dan is originally from Dallas, Texas and moved to Kansas City, Missouri as a teenager. He got his first motorcycle for his 10th birthday. Passion for all things on two wheels would quickly become a lifelong passion for Dan at a young age. He would polish his riding skills by riding motocross on Yamaha YZ80/125 and eventually getting into Yamaha Trials riding on rock climbing motorcycles that strongly influenced his riding style.

Eventually life took over and motorcycles took a back seat to life. All the while, missing riding Dan fantasized about one day taking off on a motocross bike and riding around the world and never coming back. It didn’t seem possible so how does someone get their travel bug fixed and maintain a living? Dans answer, get a job in aviation!

Although, after graduating from college, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity in the aviation industry, so the time of being bartender in a loud live music rock & roll club in Kansas City began. The Hurricane was a popular bar that hosted many famous bands and opened Dans eyes to a whole new world. Dan figured out very quickly that he could save enough money working throughout summer time and take off traveling in the winter. First stop, Australia! He took off for 3 months in Australia backpacking, hitchhiking and living his dream of traveling without a care in the world. Many other destinations and adventures over the next 7 years ensued including Europe, Central America and island hopping in the Carribean. Living the dream became a way of life but it came to an end when the aviation world finally opened up with a demand for pilots.

Leaping back into aviation, Dan got a job flying cargo in a small single engine and twin engine aircraft 5 nights a week. It was regular work and building up flight experience fast meant a quicker ascension to the major airlines. He progressed onward to get a regional airline job flying 4 different types of commercial aircraft and then later took a job flying a Boeing 747 for Evergreen International Airlines. This is where Dan really got his travel itch scratched and was able to see so many unique and remote parts of the world. Evergreen was flying military goods to every military base around the globe and also competing in civilian commercial cargo. Flying anywhere in the world was a possibility at any given point. That type of uncertainty and diversity of destinations played perfectly into Dans character. While some other pilots had an attitude that they must know exactly when and where they are going, Dan embraced the uncertainty of not knowing where or when the plane would go. There was not only the thrill of flying the largest airplane in the world at the time, but also going all around the globe to places that most people will never get to see. This was an exciting time but Evergreen International Airlines was not the place to spend a career. Dan began the hunt to get a job at a legacy major airline and it was a matter of time before Continental Airlines called to offer him a job. Dan sought out Continental Airlines for a number of reasons, but one of the largest being that they had a pilot base on the pacific island of Guam. Evergreen had taken Dan to Guam in the past so he knew that he would love to be based there if the opportunity arose, which it did. After being based in New York for 3 years, Dan and his wife moved to Guam. They both settled in quickly and found themselves surrounded by other like minded people that placed importance on a life full of experiences rather than a life full of things.

Dan became good friends with two other pilots named Bob Lynch and Brian Johnson. They travelled together all over Southeast Asia, island hopping in the remote parts of the pacific and exploring parts of Europe and the Middle East. There was a freedom in the lifestyle that only could be understood from those that shared it.

In these travels, Dan always rented a motorcycle every chance that he could. It was such a great way to explore and get around in third world countries. Both Bob and Brian had almost no riding experience but they joined on the rides and their skill level progressed very quickly and both became motorcycle enthusiasts very quickly. The three riders all had similar riding styles and temperaments that made the adventures very easy and enjoyable.

After many months of planning, Dan shared his plans to ride around the world with Bob and Brian. They were both dumbfounded at the prospect and overwhelmed with intrigue. In a very short period of time, the route had been planned, the timeline mapped out, the motorcycles purchased and the dream was becoming a reality!