Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is an adventure seeker who could never fit into the traditional American daily grind. Ever since he was a little kid he would reach out and find non mainstream activities that would make the Adrenalin flow.

Brian moved around a lot growing up. Born in Washington, DC but after just a few months moved to Colorado. He lived in several cities in Colorado, Texas, and North Carolina before moving to Connecticut where he went to high school and then Daytona Beach, Florida for college.

The first really ambitious thing Brian did as a kid in high school was to start taking flying lessons paid for by himself working in a local family restaurant. He got his first pilot certificate a couple months after graduating high school and finished all his pilot training throughout his university years. While going to college Brian wasn’t content just staying in the dorm room studying. He instantly befriended other like minded adventure seekers and learned to scuba dive, spear fish, spelunk and his favorite hobby skydiving.

After teaching others to fly for a couple years gaining experience Brian got his first real pilot job flying for a regional airline based in New York City flying all over eastern Canada, the US, and Mexico. He finally reached his ultimate career goal of being hired by a major airline six years later where he’s been working for the past eleven years. During his time working for the airlines Brian really took advantage of his travel benefits and traveled all over the world searching for remote places and adventure visiting every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Brian lived in the New York City area for his first ten years with the airlines and was finally ready for a change in lifestyle. He moved to Paris, France for six months to see what living in Europe was like and to attempt to learn French. Not wanting to go back to the U.S. grind Brian decided to move to the U.S. territory of Guam, where his company has a base, to continue his life adventure.

It was in Guam where Brian met his partners in crime Dan Bartlett and Robert Lynch. It was very obvious right in the beginning that they were like minded and loved adventure. They started scuba diving together, hiking the jungles and rivers of Guam, brewing their own beer, deep sea fishing, traveling, and ultimately motorcycle riding. The three of them have been riding motorcycles all over southeast Asia including Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. It was during these travels that they realized the best way to truly see a new country is on two wheels and thus the seed was planted for an around the world motorcycle adventure.